Marketing Should Be Fun

I will teach you how to market yourself and your business, DIY style. 

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Hey I'm Melanie, but most call me Mel!

I teach small businesses and solopreneurs how to do their own marketing without all of the overwhelm, stress, and expense of bad outsourcing.

Learning modern marketing can be hard, but I love to make it fun. I'm totally a professional at fun considering I used to be a mascot.

I can help you in my free Facebook Group, in my free guides, and pretty soon in my online courses

Let's have some fun around here. Cheers!

More about Me

Fifty Facebook Live Ideas for You

Live Video is one of the most engaging kinds of content you can put on social media. BUT, what will you go live about? I've got fifty ideas that will help you increase engagement.

We can do hard things together.

You're not the only one trying to figure out social media marketing. Join other DIY Marketers like you and learn together and celebrate wins together.

My Latest Blog Posts

My blog features articles and videos that will help you in your small business and marketing efforts.


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