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Episode 10: Create an Encouragement Bank to Get Out of The Mental Rut

podcast Aug 06, 2019

Today I'm going to share an idea that will help keep you motivated and your spirits up when you have those icky moments of self-doubt or simply when this whole business journey just feels hard as hell.

I want you to keep all of the encouraging words people share with you. These come in the form of handwritten notes, direct messages, emails, reviews, and conversations. When the tough gets even tougher. Save them all. 

Put them into an encouragement bank where you can pull them out when you need those reminders of how awesome you are. These words will help you get motivated, inspired, and ready to take action again. Here's how to handle the three types of the message we receive. 

When you receive hand-written notes or cards, keep them. Either post them on a corkboard or create a keepsake box for them. BUT, keep the box visible. You'll need the visual prompt to open it up and read those notes of gratitude. 

For the electronic messages, online reviews, and texts you're going to save them in an electronic note like Google Docs or Evernote. Take a screenshot of the message or copy and paste the message. If you do this, make sure you capture the person's name, date, and time you received the message. 

You'll also run into people who will encourage you or you'll have very memorable conversations. Someone will share with you how you're changing their life or how much they appreciate bringing their kids to come and shop in your store. These need to also be captured and saved. Here I encourage you to journal about the conversation. Save in in the same place you save the other virtual notes, OR if pen and paper is your thing, get a journal specifically for these moments. Put it with your cards. 

This collection of words and messages is your encouragement bank. We all need to be encouraged every once in a while, and this bucket of goodness will be one of your best tools to get your out of the rut and back to taking action. 

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