Episode 17: How to use the Same Post on Multiple Platforms

podcast Nov 12, 2019

Dear Melanie, is it ok to cross-post my Instagram posts to Facebook? Mel, it's hard to find the time to create custom content for LinkedIn and Facebook and Instagram. Can I use the same posts on each one? 

This question comes up a lot in Q&A around social media whether it's at one of my own workshops, or at a social media conference. I wanted to use this episode to tell you, YES you can, but there is a better way than just using the Instagram auto-cross post feature. 

There are certainly a few guidelines that make this strategy more strategic than just automatically crossposting your Instagram posts to your other social media profiles. Here they are: 

Tip #1: Try sharing the post to your other platforms at different times or days of the week. This will give your content a better spread which in turn means more people may see it. 

Tip #2: Remove or edit the hashtags so they work on each platform. Remove them altogether for Facebook, use up to 30 for Instagram, and use 2-3 for LinkedIn. 

Tip #3: Fix or edit any tagged people and profiles. This should be done natively in each platform. 

Tip #4: Consider tweaking the content so it's appropriate for each platform. For example, you may be a little more personal or edgy on Facebook, but may want a more professional and authoritative tone on LinkedIn. 

I dive into all of these tips on the full episode. 



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