Episode 20: Why You Need People in Your Social Media Content Strategy

podcast Dec 19, 2019

Your social media is a way to begin building relationships with potential customers, and you can do this by putting people in your content. 

As humans, we are hungry for connection in today's busy marketplace. Even though we love the conveniences of technology (online shopping, online appointment scheduling, etc.) we still need human connection. 

Your online marketing content is an opportunity for you to stand out in today's busy marketplace. If you feature people in your content, potential customers can begin to connect with you before they even walk in your door or reach out to you. 

So, imagine how much more enriched your opportunities can be if the people contacting you already feel connected to you. 

So how do you feature people in your content? 

  • Show images of the real people in your business
  • Do live videos
  • Record and upload videos to your social media
  • Create Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories

In this episode, I'll share why we're so hungry for human connection and how you can stand out in the busy marketplace by showcasing people in your content.

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