Episode 22: Four Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Take More Action

Today let's help you get into action. I'm sharing four mindset shifts that will keep you moving forward and taking action so you can make progress in your life and in your business. These will help you get unstuck, keep moving, and GSD (get Sh$t done).

The concepts I share in this episode I learned from Brooke Castillo, Marie Forleo, and Mel Robbins. They can be used individually, but they are best used together. 

Here are the four mindset shifts that will help you take more action. 

  1. Stop "working on it" and start "producing it" instead. 
  2. Be ok with B- Minus Work. An A would be great, but a B- is better than an Incomplete. 
  3. Action Generates Courage so stop waiting for the courage to take action.
  4. Find 30 seconds of insane courage, better yet countdown from 5 and GO.

Listen to the Full Episode where I break each of these down:



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