Episode 24: Stop Leading with the Negative and Embrace Your Awesomeness

podcast Feb 04, 2020

I use this phrase, "Leading with the Negative," to describe all of those times we point out something we're feeling insecure about before even giving anyone a chance to notice it themselves. 

"Oh, I haven't even washed my hair today." 
"You'll have to excuse how gross I look right now, I just got out of the gym."
"I've been crazy running around so haven't even had a chance to put myself together today." 

I see it all the time. As women, we so often point out negative things before we begin giving our message. I see this on Facebook Live videos, Instagram Stories, and even when people go on stage and start a presentation. 

In this episode, I'm sharing how common this is, and why it's so important that we stop. You've got to embrace how awesome you are and stop letting the negative B.S. distract people from your gifts. 

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