Episode 25: Why LinkedIn Should be in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

linkedin podcast Feb 11, 2020

By now you're probably hearing the buzz around marketing guru land. The buzz is about LinkedIn and how it's been a sleeping giant that has woken up.

You've probably heard how it's like Facebook before the algorithm made it merely impossible for anyone to see your content organically.

Well, my friend, the buzz is real. I've been using LinkedIn for years and in 2019 I really noticed some major shifts in who was showing up in the platform. It's not just a B2B place for people to find jobs anymore.

Today, I'm going to share why these LinkedIn myths need busted. So I'm busting them!

Myth #1: Your LinkedIn profile is just an online version of your resume.

Myth #2: LinkedIn is for finding a new job, or recruiting new employees.

Myth #3: LinkedIn isn't for "my" business because I'm not B2B.

Myth #4: I can't be my true self on LinkedIn because it's too stuffy and corporate.

Myth #5: It's just a bunch of people trying to sell.

Myth #6: I can't be interesting on LinkedIn because the platform is just so boring.

Listen and learn why each of these LinkedIn myths is BUSTED!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
My LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-dyann-howe-99696315/
LinkedIn Workshop: https://www.melaniedyann.com/linkedin

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