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Episode 30: Five Enhancements to Up-Level Your Facebook Live Videos

I believe just about everyone should be using Facebook Live or some sort of live video. You can now go live on just about all of the popular social media platforms and we're starting to see more people embrace this incredibly engaging way to create content.

I'm still an advocate that even if you just go live with your phone, you'll get bigger results. BUT, I would like to encourage you to take it a few steps further and enhance your live videos with a few tactics.

I want you to know, these are not super tricky, do not require ninja skills or super fancy expensive equipment. These are some simple (VERY DO-ABLE) things you can do that go a long way to increasing your organic reach, and engagement for your live videos (which is the ultimate goal).

The five enhancements you can make to your Facebook Live videos are: 

  • Share Your Screen to give demonstrations or show presentation slides
  • Bring on a Guest or Multiple Guests to add value
  • Display comments and questions on screen
  • Use banners and tickers to emphasize points and calls to action
  • Create a branded experience with overlays, colors, and logos. 

I talk about each of these enhancements in detail on the show, but you can also see them in action on this special page I created about StreamYard which is the tool I recommend for these enhancements. Check it out at

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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StreamYard Resource Page*

*Quick note: The StreamYard page I link to includes an affilate link. Using that link will get you a $10 credit and if you upgrade, and ONLY if you upgrade I get a little credit in my account too. You can totally use the free version and I highly encourage you to start there. My lawyers just need me to make sure you know all that hootenanny. 

Listen to the Full Episode:


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