Episode 32: How This Coffee Shop Owner Used Facebook Live to Stay Connected

Uncategorized May 07, 2020

A thriving coffee business with two locations. When the pandemic hit, Zeteo Coffee owner Jon Mitchell knew he needed to make some shifts in his business and his content. Temporarily closing one location and laying off his entire staff meant Jon had to step out of the office and get behind the counter, and the camera.

In this episode, I talk to Jon and how he started using live video to stay connected to his loyal customers. The results are amazing and inspiring for anyone running a business. 

In just a few short weeks Jon went from going live to keep himself occupied to using the platform to grow his audience, increase overall engagement, and connect people to each other. 

This episode provides a real-life example of the power that live video can bring to your business engagement.

In this episode, I briefly mention that Jon is a student in my Facebook Live Bootcamp. Enrollment is open, but the doors close on May 8th at 5 pm Eastern.
Learn more at: https://www.melaniedyann.com/livebootcamp

If you rather watch my interview with Jon, hop over to Facebook and check it out

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