Episode 38: Stop Trying to Find Your Voice

podcast Sep 03, 2020

Marketing 101 tells you that one of the key elements of any brand is the "voice." It's an huge part actually. Well, in the case where YOU are the brand your voice is even more important. 

If you're still trying to "find your voice," look no further because you already found it. It's not something you figure out or find. It's already part of you. You just have to decide how you'll let it out. I want to encourage you to let it out loud. 

The more you put yourself out there, the more you'll connect with your ideal customer. The more feedback you'll get which will in turn help you know what they need and want from you. When we stay quiet, we're leaving it up to the guessing game. 

Don't let your gifts go ungiven. Get out there. 

Listen to the Full Episode:


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