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How To Use Your Cover Photo Like a Billboard

Some social media platforms let you add an additional personal touch other than your profile picture to your profile. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, let you display a cover photo, while others like LinkedIn and YouTube offer background options that act similarly to a cover photo. Be sure to take full advantage of these aspects of your profile. Leaving them blank will make your brand feel incomplete and can make your business look less awesome than you’d like.

Here are some ideas for how to use your cover photo.

  • Showcase your awesome team with a group photo.
  • Promote an upcoming event with dates and registration cutoffs.
  • Display your products and services with text or visuals.
  • Highlight a promotion or special sale.
  • Display yourself in action helping a client.
  • Use an inspiring photo to tug on emotions.
  • Show the front of your building or inside of your fancy office.
  • Offer an inspirational message to reiterate your mission.

Use your cover photo like a billboard and change it frequently.

Now that you have a good flow of ideas on what to put in your cover photo, consider coming up with a few more ideas. I’m a fan of businesses changing up their cover photos frequently when possible. Changing your cover photo monthly keeps your profile fresh and your followers will take notice, keeping them interested.

How to utilize a changing cover photo for business.

If you’re in the business of running promotions or seasonal sales, this is a great place to showcase those as they change. Cammack Station showcases a burger of the month each month, so we used the Facebook cover photo as a way to promote that. I’ve seen companies highlight different employees each month and I’ve seen companies tell a story over time with their changing cover photos. I’ve even seen businesses simply change the cover photo each season to a seasonal picture. Your options to keep your cover photo fresh are endless.

Whatever you decide, always remember to use a photo or design that will fit well and look right. If you use a large image, be sure to adjust the placement so you’re not cutting people’s heads off after you've uploaded it. There are specific sizes that are ideal for cover photos as well as placement of text and imagery. Here’s a great article and social media size cheat sheet to help you with that.   

What are some great ways you’ve seen businesses use cover photos that caught your attention? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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