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Reduce Your Typing Errors With the Grammarly App

When it comes to creating content for your marketing, copy plays a huge part. Whether you're blogging, writing emails, creating social media posts, or simply engaging with other people and businesses on social media, you're pretty much always typing copy.

I often hear small business owners and marketers grumble over the challenges they face with writing. Not necessarily what to write, but that they don't feel confident in the grammatical aspects of their writing. Or they don't have a great resource for proofreading for errors and typos.

Grammarly is the solution to your grammatical errors and typo woes.

Holy cow, do I love this app. I'm smart, but I did not win any spelling bee championships nor do I know the AP style guide like the back of my hand. Grammarly is one of my best friends because it catches my spelling, grammar, and all of those sneaky comma errors. Before Grammarly, I never realized how much I was screwing up the comma. It also makes suggestions for improving the words I use for a better reading experience.

Why Grammarly is a great tool for marketers.

Grammarly is similar to any auto spell checker and grammar checker. If you've used any Microsoft products or even Google Sheets, you know what I mean. The red lines mean you've misspelled something and the other colored lines mean there are grammatical suggestions. I just love how Grammarly makes the process smoother and faster.

For me, my biggest issue is that I type really really really fast. So, I make quite a few typos. Grammarly catches them immediately and makes correcting them super quick. Sure, if I'm using Word or other apps that have spell check in them, I can do the same thing. But, I honestly find that Grammarly makes this SO much faster and it catches more grammar and punctuation errors than the rest.

Grammarly also has a plugin you can add to your Chrome web browser that enables Grammarly to work in any web-based application (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wordpress, and more). This is why it's a MUST for marketers and content creators. By adding the plugin, your content will go through the roof in grammatical improvement and the errors will bottom out.

While I think most folks can get away with the free version of Grammarly, there are also some pretty sweet upgrade options as well. One of which includes a plagiarism checker. It's also important to note that you can copy and paste your drafted content directly into the Grammarly webpage and it will give you all of the nitty gritty suggested edits and save your draft. If you're a stat person, Grammarly will also send you reports about how many errors it's been correcting for you.

This is one where you just need to trust me! Go to and create your free account, install the plugin, and avoid those silly errors we all make.


*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links where I may or may not earn a commission. However, no pricing from the app has been adjusted to reflect any commission I may receive. 


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