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Stop Overthinking Social Media and Do Social Media

I have something important to tell you. Your marketing is never going to be perfect. There, I said it. Now you say it with me (out loud), “My marketing is never going to be perfect.” I said say it out loud, silly. Try again, “My marketing is never going to be perfect.” Ahhh, isn’t that nice to say out loud? Now that you’ve said it, the pressure is off and you can stop holding back in your social media.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things you should be doing on your social media and trying to make sure they are all perfect. It’s time to stop overthinking social media and DO social media.

Don’t worry about looking fancy

You’re not a designer, you’re not a copywriter and you’re not a videographer. You don't have those fancy programs to make fancy graphics and videos. Don’t let that stop you from creating content. Take pictures with your phone, use apps to create graphics and write blog articles that your audience cares about. Some content is better than NO content.

Don’t worry about people judging you

You should definitely worry about what people want to hear and how you can help them, but don’t worry about them judging your abilities to talk on camera or your writing skills. Video is an amazing tool for talking to your audience... like, AH-Mazing. Look at your FAQ and start creating short videos that answer those questions. Don’t worry if you mix up some words or mess up some.  Grab your iPhone and get started… today!

Try everything at least once.

There will always be changes to social platforms and new creative apps. All of this opportunity can be overwhelming, but don’t get paralyzed. Keep it fresh and utilize these options as they are presented to you because sitting on the sidelines isn’t going to get you anywhere. Recent examples of things you should try are Facebook Live videos, Instagram Stories and fun apps that work on social media, such as Boomerang.

You’ll make some mistakes, but it’s ok.

Mistakes and imperfections are just part of this business. We are all human after all. Your grammar won’t always be perfect and you’ll have some typos. Guess what, you can edit a post. You can even edit it twice. You can even delete something if it’s drastically incorrect. You can even post something, delete it, and post it again. I am raising my hand right now because I’ve done all of that. Focus on the good content and not the tiny mistakes, life will go on.

People don’t actually care that much.

If you’re stuck worrying about what others are thinking of your content, stop... just stop. Seriously, in the end, people don’t actually care all that much about all of those details that you’re fretting about. What they do care about is the problem that they have and your solution to fix that problem. If you’re not publishing content, then you may never have that opportunity to help them (sad face).

Just be you, and hit publish.

Get out there, write some content, make some videos, and be yourself. Authenticity goes a lot further than perfection. I promise you. So get out there, be yourself, and go be awesome.

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