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Why Showcasing People on Social Media Works

As a business, your biggest assets are your people. This, in combination with how people buy and why they buy, is the reason you should be showcasing people on social media.

Think back to an amazing experience you had as a paying customer. Got it? OK, so what do you remember the most? It’s the person who took care of you, right? Maybe it was a bad situation turned positive by a manager or employee going above and beyond to correct a situation. Perhaps you recently bought a home and your loan officer was extra awesome in holding your hand the entire way and putting your mind at ease with their exceptional communication. Or when you were trying to buy a dress for an upcoming wedding and the store clerk helped you in just the right way that didn’t make you feel as vulnerable or insecure as you did when you walked in the door. Now, how likely are you to go back to that business or refer them to someone else? You’re thinking, “Definitely, in fact, I already have.” 

People buy from people.

I say this time and time again and it never gets old — We follow brands and we get enticed by advertising and fancy packaging, but it’s the human factors that play the major role. When it comes to establishing loyalty to businesses, it’s usually the people and the customer experience that keeps us coming back for more. This is why your people make for great content on your blog and social media. Who are your people? They are your employees, your customers, your vendor partners, and anyone that plays a part in making your business what it is.

Why showcasing people on social media works.

In this day in age, people want to scope a business out before they actually commit to walking through the door or making an initial phone call. Social media has become a safe way for people to do just that. By seeing your employees and customers and learning more about them, they are already establishing connections to your business and your people.

Showcase your customers.

When you showcase your customers, they will not only feel appreciated, but their friends will also see that they are a customer of your business. Friends trust each other’s opinions so they are more likely to consider your business if their friend is a customer as well.

Showcase your employees.

When you showcase your employees, it gives your audience and potential audience a glimpse into your business before actually contacting your business. Everyone wins here. The employee feels proud, their friends and family feel proud, their customers comment on how great they are at their job, and anyone who sees the post in their Facebook feed has now been “softly” introduced to this person.

This has been a very effective tactic for American Chevrolet. They showcase pictures of employees and personal details about them on their Facebook page from time to time. They have actually had customers drive on the lot and request a specific person because of a Facebook post they saw.

Social media is about people, so content showcasing people feels natural for the platforms. Take advantage of this and always consider your audience when developing this content. I could go on and on about ideas for how to showcase your people. Your options are endless.

Want some help with this? I seriously geek out on content ideas so just let me know how I can help.


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