LinkedIn Workshop

Learn to use the platform everyone is talking about (again) to enrich your network and grow your reach.


What can LinkedIn do for you?

  • Help you reach more people and grow your personal and professional brand.
  • Help you position yourself as the expert that you are.
  • Enrich your network of clients, peers, connectors, and helpers.
  • Have opportunities coming to you, instead of you chasing them down.

What you’ll learn:

  • An overview of LinkedIn in 2020 and how you should be using the platform each week.
  • How to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile (with newer features) in order to drive traffic to your website and capture leads.
  • How to repurpose your existing content specifically for LinkedIn.
  • Best practices for publishing content, sharing posts, engaging with others, and remaining authentic.
  • How to publish all LinkedIn content formats (text only, image with text, links, videos, published articles, documents)


  • Workbook and LinkedIn Accelerator Checklist
  • Optional new headshot taken at The Innovation Connector (Muncie workshop attendees only)
  • Live Q&A after workshop is completed

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to widen their reach, make more meaningful connections online, and share their gifts with the world. More specifically, you've decided that you're ready to give LinkedIn a try (or a try again) to put yourself out there.  

Register to Save Your Seat

March 17th in Muncie, IN

8:30am-11:30am at The Innovation Connector

Register for $97

Test Your Knowledge.

Are you still believing these Linkedin myths? 

  • Your LinkedIn profile is just an online version of your resume.
  • LinkedIn is for finding a new job, or recruiting new employees.
  • LinkedIn isn't for "my" business because I'm not B2B.
  • I can't be my true self on LinkedIn because it's too stuffy and corporate.
  • It's just a bunch of people trying to sell.
  • I can't be interesting on LinkedIn because the platform is just so boring.
    Listen and learn why each of these LinkedIn myths is BUSTED!



About Melanie Dyann Howe

"I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is following her dreams of helping other business females find their inner badass online. I've helped hundreds of women better understand their personal brands and use modern marketing to Go Be Awesome."


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