Live video is one of the very best ways to connect with your people. With the right strategy, techniques, and practice YOU can become a live streaming rockstar that will have your business booming. 

In my Facebook Live Bootcamp you'll learn everything you need to ditch the overwhelm and embrace going live with confidence so you can grow your audience.

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Your Four Week Bootcamp Roadmap

In our four weeks together we will cover the strategy, the technology, the best practices, and the advanced live experience options for your next level Facebook Live videos. Each week includes teaching, taking action, and a weekly live Q&A with Melanie.

You will be ready to live stream like a pro after this four week bootcamp.


Week 1 - Create your Facebook Live Roadmap

  • Determine the show types that are best for you so you can create a plan.
  • Create your FB Live idea list and build out a plan so you can prepare in advance.
  • Create your first FB Live Agenda so you have a template moving forward.

Week 2 - Training Week 

  • Learn what to do before, during, and after your live videos so you get results.
  • How to look and sound your best on video for added confidence.
  • How to use StreamYard for advanced (but easy to do) live shows to look even more professional and get even more engagement.
  • Start practicing live video inside our private community so you can work out the kinks and be your best on your own page.

Week 3 - Going "Pro" with Live Video

  • Introduction to even more advanced style videos you can work toward for even BIGGER results.
  • Overview and explanation of budget friendly (and optional) tech gear. 
  • Group coaching and some  more live Q&A to answer all of your questions.

Week 4 - Implementation Week & Coaching

  • By this week you'll be going live on your own profiles - but not alone, you'll still have me for support and help.
  • Continued practice with feedback on look, sound, and format.
  • Live coaching sessions with Melanie to help you GO LIVE WITH CONFIDENCE.


I'm really passionate about helping people put themselves out there so they can reach more people and make a bigger impact with their products and service. I believe social media is one of the absolute best ways to show up...and I firmly believe live video is the best way to show up authentically. If you need to talk about this program or have questions, send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you a personalized video response. 

Scrappy, but not crappy.

People aren't expecting perfection on live video. That is one of the best parts! But, we don't want to make crappy videos either. With the right set-up, tools, and technique your videos can create a real boost in your social media engagement. 

Mel knows a thing or two about Facebook Live Video.

Melanie has been going live on Facebook since 2016 and has done hundreds of videos. From sharing her screen for live demonstrations, facilitating panel discussions, teaching marketing, cutting her own hair, and even catching a fish all on live video. 

She knows how the Do-It-Yourself marketer needs to learn, because she is a DIY Marketer as well. Learn without the overwhelm. 


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