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Hosted by Brand Builder and Marketing Coach, Melanie Dyann Howe. This is the show dedicated to the do-it-yourself marketer. Tips, strategies, and all of the fun tools to help you do your own marketing without breaking the bank.

"We can be scrappy without being crappy."

"What more does a lonely marketer need than someone to break it down and remind you time and again why you're doing what you're doing. Love this podcast every time."


"Talk about nuggets of goodness! This is so helpful for those of us DIYers who could use a leg up in our marketing journey. Thanks Mel for guiding the way!"


"Navigating the world of social media is so scary. The rules seem like they change daily. This insider info is essential to small businesses and the nuggets I've implemented in my business have ALREADY changed my engagement from the social media audience I've struggled to be seen by. Thank you thank you thank you."


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Episode 52: Stop Creating Content for the Algorithms

Sep 30, 2021

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