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Facebook Live gets more than 6 times the engagement than regular videos. But, you can get even more reach and engagement by adding some enhancements to your live broadcasts with StreamYard. 

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We can be scrappy, but not crappy.

I'm a plug and play kind of girl. That means the tools and applications I use need to be easy to learn and easy to use right away. Plug it in, and you're ready to go. StreamYard makes creating professional live streams with more bells and whistles SUPER easy even for the technically challenged. With a few practice runs and enhancements your show will bring in more followers and more engagements when you use these features.

These are just a handful of the amazing features you get...

Share Your Screen

I love using this feature when I show app demonstrations but I also use it to present slides for presentations and bring up images on my screen. This is such a great way to teach at a bigger level.

Bring on Guests

I love to bring on subject matter experts to share their detailed knowledge and tips with my audience. These shows always get great organic reach and new followers too.

Display Comments On Screen

Showcase your viewers comments and questions during your live video. This is great for engaging your viewers and answering their questions. It also encourages others to comment. 

Create a Branded Experience

Use Overlays and Tickers to enhance your content and calls to action. Use custom overlays, brand colors, and logo's to match your brand with a professional look.


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I recommend starting with the free version to get yourself acclimated and it just might be all you need. As an advocate and affiliate for StreamYard I'm able to get you a $10 credit should you ever choose to upgrade from the free version. Just use my link below:

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*Quick note: The StreamYard page I link to includes an affilate link. Using that link will get you a $10 credit and if you upgrade, and ONLY if you upgrade I get a little credit in my account too. You can totally use the free version and I highly encourage you to start there. My lawyers just need me to make sure you know all that hootenanny. 

Need ideas for your Facebook Live Videos?

I've put together a comprehensive list of FIFTY ideas for your live videos. These videos will increase your reach and engagement. Just provide some info so I can send you the list.